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I Care A Lot (2020)

My letterboxd review: A dude read the tweets that said “girlboss gaslight gatekeep” and “all men are trash” and wrote the dialogue that came out of Pikes mouth.

If you haven't seen this movie, honestly just read the summary. You'll get the point of the movie without wasting your time. I get that they want to bring light to the issue of guardianships (#FreeBritney). But at the same time making it seem like the only people gaming the system are the evil, overly-confident, and frankly idiotic professionals doesn't really bring light to 75% of the issue. They tried to make this a Uncut Gems type movie with a great score and a protagonist that you are supposed to root for even though they're wrong. I did not root for her at all. I rooted for nothing. I rooted for the movie to be over. It felt like they wanted to focus so much on having an antihero they forgot to make her reasonable for the sake of the plot. The acting was great but the movie itself was wrong. The dialogue in this movie is so bad it actually physically hurt me. There are very few movies I don't get invested in, and this movie took all the way until the last minute to make me smile or care. I'm going to keep it short as to not give away anything and also because there just isn't much to say.

TLDR; Great acting. Bad movie. If you want a brainless watch where you don't take anything away from it, go for it. Honestly, I really don't care a lot for this movie. :-)

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