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Palm Springs (2020)

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

If you haven't seen Palm Springs yet, you don't want to know anything about it. I would just recommend you watch it. It's great. Once you know the premise the fun is gone a bit. It's a funny movie with a great set of actors. It allows you to transport into this non-real but still real world seamlessly. Don't get turned off by the first scene - it isn't representative of the movie. If you want a laugh and a unique story this is for you. It's a fresh take on an old concept with the addition of a slightly dark humor. Worth a watch if you have an hour and a half and don't want to think too much.


Palm Springs is a short, fun movie that is exactly what you think it'll be about 15 minutes in. No jump scares, no sudden twists. Easy to watch. The plot is unique in that I haven't seen many sci-fi rom-coms actually successfully make a fun movie. You get to love each character for their flaws and their strengths. Andy Samberg (whom I love and would take a bullet for) and Cristin Milioti do an amazing job as their characters. There were a couple times that I wanted the movie to speed up just so I could dive into that world more. But if you take a step back and think about the "we need more date ideas" and the "will we get sick of each other" they do ask some good relatable questions fr the audience to think about. I completely understand why the movie did so well at Sundance and with reviewers. I find it pretty golden that we can associate/relate to the repetitiveness of quarantine with the repetition they fall into in a time-loop.

I will say though, that the ending kinda took away from the movie for me. I wish we didn't know if they got out of the loop. Knowing that the neighbors came home the day after was like ok thats cool. Do they stay together? Did the passage hurt? What is her relationship with her family now? Did they learn anything??? Is he mentally ok after that? Does she actually maybe love him or did she just say that because she thought she was going to die? Do they end up have big teethed babies??

Those are my questions.

But maybe I'm putting too much weight on it. As a flick, it was great. And maybe it doesn't have to be more than that.

Available on Hulu.

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